AI Humanoid Alert Intelligent Tracking Series IP PTZ Camera
Times: 2019-09-04
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With the continuous maturity of AI technology, the video surveillance industry has further requirements for product intelligence and safety performance. Recently, PolyCam Technology Co., Limited has launched AI humanoid alert intelligent tracking IP PTZ, which can realize AI humanoid detection, smooth tracking amplification, automatic call alarm, mobile phone alarm message push and other functions, and strengthen the security line.

Intelligent human detection, abnormal situation, automatic alarm. AI humanoid alert intelligent tracking IP PTZ, after recognizing humanoid, in the intelligent detection and monitoring range, the target will be automatically and accurately tracked. When the abnormal situation is detected, the camera will call the alarm automatically, and send the alarm to the mobile app at the first time.

Accurate tracking and recognition, reduce the false alarm rate. It can focus the alarm object on people and eliminate the false alarm caused by the change of object and light to a great extent. At the same time, it can start shooting and alarming the detected human body accurately without dead angle, which greatly reduces the false alarm and false alarm rate.

Super-strong night vision algorithm with star light is clearly visible at every moment. AI humanoid alert intelligent tracking ball machine, using Sony IMX307 Sensor, with six OSRAM lattice lamps, can clearly detect the target by measuring more than 80 meters, continuous tracking within 60 meters, even under low illumination or complex light source, can also achieve clear shooting.

Product function

> 2MP 1080p Starlight low Illumination CMOS Sensor

> Support 128G memory, easy transition to 4G;

> Starlight Night Vision Enhancement Algorithms, Night Outstanding.

> Built-in TUTK global leading P2P, zero operation delay;

> Support Haikang English NVR, Dahua, Xiongmai NVR private agreement, back-end links worry-free.

AI humanoid alert intelligent tracking Series IP PTZ

PolyCam Technology Co., Limited is a high-definition intelligent algorithm camera, integrated core solution provider, 4G Internet of Things visualization intelligent camera, ball machine professional provider, with automatic focusing algorithm, video coding and decoding, all-netcom protocol, video intelligent analysis algorithm and other core technologies. It has rich research and development experience in the field of human tracking ball machine, and products are constantly upgraded and applied to the ground, actively helping in the field of safety intelligent monitoring.

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